VAELA 2013 Unprogram Documents

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General Event Files:

  1. Handout Introduction
  2. UnProgram Agenda
  3. Sponsors and Exhibitors List
  4. Continuing Legal Education Credit Information & Forms
  5. UnProgram Evaluation Form for Friday, Feb. 22, 2013
  6. UnProgram Evaluation Form for Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013
  7. Biosketches, Speakers and Facilitators
  8. Table of Contents, Friday Presentations Handouts
  9. Table of Contents, Saturday Presentations Handouts

Friday Presentation Handouts:

  1. Hot Topics in Washington (Presenter: Alfred Chiplin, Jr., Esq.)
    Hot Topics in Washington
    Medicare – Recent Challenges and Changes, PowerPoint Slides
  2. US v Commonwealth of Virginia and the Olmstead Decision: Expanding Opportunities for Community Integration of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (Presenters: Aaron Zisser, Esq. and Kyle Smiddie, Esq.)
    Considerations for Elder Law Attorneys
    Brief History and Background
    Olmstead Syllabus
    DoJ Findings Letter
    Virginia Complaint
    DBHDS Settlement Factsheet
    Virginia Settlement Agreement
    Virginia Consent Order
    Report of the Independent Reviewer on Compliance with the Settlement Agreement
  3. Capacity Evaluations in Close Cases: A Neuropsychologist’s View (Presenter: Scott Bender, Ph.D.)
  4. UnProgram Discussion: NMP Litigation Supreme Court of Virginia, In re: Estate of Jeanne F. Drakulich, Petition for Appeal

Saturday Presentations Handouts:

  1. Adult Guardianship: Role of Litigants Who Contest Guardianship (Facilitator: Anne Heishman, Esq.)
  2. Basics of Administering Special Needs Trusts (Facilitator: Elizabeth Gray, CELA)
  3. Conflicts of Interest as an Ethical Issue in the Elder Law Practice (Facilitator: Robert Bullock, CELA)
    Conflicts of Interest Outline: The Elder Law Crisis
    Rules of Professional Conduct
    Whose Decision Is It Anyway? Identifying the Medicaid Planning Client
    Fickett v Superior Court of Pima County
    Ethical Issues for Elder Law Attorneys – David L. McGuffey, CELA
    Handbook for Using Durable Financial Power of Attorney
    Adapting Unitary Principles of Professional Responsibility to Unique Practice Contexts: A Reflective Model for Resolving Ethical Dilemmas in Elder Law – Joseph A. Rosenberg, Esq.
  4. Dealing with the Commissioner of Accounts: Ethical Issues and Fiduciary Compensation (Facilitators: Elizabeth Wildhack, Esq., Ken Labowitz, Esq., Kimberly Pinchbeck, Esq.)
    Ethical Issues in Fiduciary Administration – John H. Rust, Jr.
    Best Practices Before Your Local Commissioner of Accounts
  5. Drafting Effective Guardianship/Conservatorship Orders (Facilitator: Margaret O’Reilly, CELA)
  6. Domestic Asset Protection Trusts and Decanting (Facilitator: Rhonda Miller, Esq.)
  7. Hospital Discharge Issues (Facilitators: Veronica Williams, Esq., Alfred Chiplin, Esq., Shervonne Banks)
    Challenging Notices of Discharge – A Medicare Discussion
    Challenging Involuntary Notices of Discharge in Hospital Settings: Top Ten Practice Pointers
  8. Intersection Between Family Law and Elder Law (Facilitator: Phoebe Hall, Esq.)
  9. Issues with Special Needs Trusts: Drafting and Administration (Facilitator: Elizabeth Gray, CELA)
  10. Litigating Undue Influence/Capacity Cases (Facilitator: James McConville, Esq.)
    Medical Evaluation of Decision Making Capacity – Gary H. Oberlender, M.D.
    Kiddell v Labowitz
    Weedon v Weedon
    Parish v Parish
  11. Making an Elder Law Practice More Efficient (Facilitators: Andrew Hook, CELA, Sandra Buhr)
  12. Medicaid Planning for the New Elder Law Attorney (Facilitator: Susan Jean, CELA)
  13. Medicaid Planning Strategies (Facilitator: Timothy Palmer, CELA)
  14. My Favorite Apps: Technology and the Practice of Law (Facilitators: Olivier Long, Esq., Yahne Miorini, Esq.)
  15. PACE Program: What is it, and What Does it Mean for our Clients? (Facilitator: Elizabeth Bircher, Esq.)
  16. Probate and Administration of an Estate (Facilitator: Rhona Levine, Esq.)
  17. Primer on Virginia’s Mandatory Outpatient Treatment Procedure (Facilitator: Shawn Majette, Esq.)
  18. Role of the GAL for Adults After the Order is Entered (Facilitator: Ron Feinman, Esq.)
  19. Special Needs Transition Issues: Aging Out of School-Based Services (Facilitators: Loretta Morris Williams, CELA, Joanne Marcus, Tia Marsili)
    Issues in Transition: What Happens When a Special Needs Child Turns 18
    Checklist, Transition Planning for Children with Special Needs
  20. Trustee Liability and the Uniform Prudent Investor Act (Facilitators: Paul Hartley, Esq., Martin Radinsky, Glenn Verity, James McConville, Esq.)
    The Uniform Prudent Investor Act Outline
    Code of Virginia
    Surcharge Litigation Case Outline
    Virginia Cases
  21. Update on Elder Housing Issues in Virginia (Facilitator: Edward Zetlin, Esq.)
    Update on Elder Housing Issues in Virginia (part 1)
    Update on Housing Issues for the Elderly & Disabled (part 2)
  22. Using Trusts in Medicaid and Veterans’ Asset Protection Planning (Facilitators: Evan Farr, CELA, Christopher McCarthy, CELA)
  23. Veterans Benefits for the New Elder Law Attorney (Facilitator: Christopher McCarthy, CELA) Understanding Aid and Attendance: Conflicts Between Planning for Veteran’s Disability Pension and Planning for Medicaid
  24. Wearing Your HR Hat: Hiring and Keeping the Right Staff (Facilitators: Cammie Hauser, Melanie Lee, Esq.)
    How to Hire and Maintain a Championship Team Powerpoint Slides

NOTE: To download a single ZIP file that contains a copy of all the PDFs listed below, click here (approx 70MB).