VAELA 2017 - UnProgram Registered Attendee Documents

The following documents are available for viewing as PDF files.


General Event Files:

  1. UnProgram Agenda
  2. Sponsors and Exhibitors List
  3. Facilitator Bio Sketches
  4. Table of Contents For Saturday Session Handouts
  5. Gal Certification Form  5a. Saturday Sessions Approved for GAL CE Credit
  6.  Attendee Directory
  7.  Sponsor Directory
  8. Saturday Session Descriptions
  9. Saturday Sessions Approved For CLE Credit and Certification Forms


Saturday Presentation Handouts:

1.  Basic Medicaid Planning  

2.  Solving the Insolvent Estate Puzzle

3.  Intersection of Family Law,Elder Law and Estate Planning

4 a. Virginia's Developmental Waiver Redesign

4 b. Emergency Regs Pages 1 through 149

4 c.  Emergency Regs Pages 150 through 239

4 d. DD Waivers Wait List & Slot Assignment Process

5 a. Income Only Trusts

5 b. Sample Income Only Trust

6.  Joint Trusts - Appealing Concept- Hard to Implement

7.  Elder Law Issues for LGBT Elders

8 a. Multi-Jurisdictional, Multi-Disciplinary Efforts to Combat Elder Abuse and Exploitation

8 b.Revised Elder Abuse Memorandum of Understanding

9. Fulfilling the Duties and Responsibilities as Guardian ad litem - Striking the Appropriate Balance Between the Costs and Benefits

10 Real Estate in Medicaid

10 a. A.T3T3 64.2-635 and 636 transfer on death deeds

10 b. 12VAC30-20-141. Estate Recoveries

10 c. CMS 2017 Spousal Impoverishment and Home Equity

10 d. Virginia Code Sections Related to Real Estate

10 e.Virginia Medicaid Manual -- Real Estate- Life Estates

10 f. Virginia Medicaid Manual -Real Estate - transfer of home   

10 g. Virginia Medicaid Manual -- Real Estate M1130

10 h. Virginia Medicaid Manual -- Other Real Estate M1140    

11. Veterans Benefits Planning - The New Lookback and Net Worth Rules   

12. Long Term Care Planning -Medicaid Eligibility and Income Tax Considerations Regarding IRAs of NH Spouses    

13. Medicaid Strategies to Support Aging in Place - Post Eligibility Patient Pay Deductions

13 a. Post Eligibility Patient Pay   

14.Fairness in Medicaid Special Needs Trusts and Planning with ABLE Accounts     

15. Changes in the Augmented Estate -Elective Share

15 a. Text of Chapter 187, Acts of 2016

16. Conflict of Interest as an Ethical Issue in the Elder Law Practice   

16 a. Rules of Professional Conduct

16 b. Whose Decision Is It Anyway

16 c. Fickett Vs Superior Court of Pima Country   

16 d. Ethical Issues for  Elder Law Attorneys  

16 e. Handbook for Using Durable Financial POA  

16 f. Adapting Unitary Principles of Professional Responsibilities to Unique Practice Contexts

17 Trial Tactics for the Litigation Novice

18 Basics of Trust Administration