VAELA 2016 UnProgram Documents

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General Event Files:

  1. UnProgram Agenda
  2. Sponsors and Exhibitors List
  3. Biosketches, Speakers and Facilitators
  4. Continuing Legal Education Credit Information & Forms
  5. Directory of Sponsors and Exhibitors
  6. Attendee Directory
  7. Table of Contents Presentation Handouts
  8. Session Descriptions

Presentation Handouts:


What Every Elder Law Attorney Needs to Know - Dave Place, J.D.

CMS Memo 5-25-2011 - Sally Stalcup

Medicare Secondary Compliance Services - B. Josh Pettingill, MBA, MS, MSCC and Ron Feinman, Esq

QSFs - An Innovative Approach to Settlement - Jason D. Lazarus, J.D., LL.M., MSCC, CSSC and Ron Feinman, Esq

Settlement Planning and Trusts - Anthony F. Prieto, Jr., CFP

Va S. Ct. Rule1-15 - Revised 6-21-2011 -


  1. ABLE Act - Ann Green, Esq. & Julianne Dalton
  2. Advanced Medicaid Planning Strategies - Andrew Hook, CELA
  3. Basics of Probate & Estate Administration-  Cary Cucinelli, Esq.
  4. Beginner's Guide to Virginia Medicaid - Elizabeth McMaster, Esq.
  5. Best Practices Before the Commissioner of Accounts - Kimberly Pinchbeck, Esq. & Elizabeth Wildhack, Esq.
  6. a. Effectively Challenging Inappropriate Hospital Sponsored Guardianship Petitions & Involuntary Notice of Discharge from Hospitals - Veronica Williams, Esq.
    b. Appendix A – Health Care Decision Making Alternative
    c. Appendix B – Durable Medical Power of Attorney
    d. Appendix C – Top Ten Practice Pointers
    e. Motion to Intervene and/or Consolidate
    f. Guardianship Petition
    g. Notice of Appearance
    h. Order of Appointment of Co-guardians and Co-conservators
    i. Medicare Desk Reference
  7. Ethical Issues When Acting as a Fiduciary - Ken Labowitz, Esq.
  8. Guardianship: Nuts & Bolts - Valerie Geiger, Esq.
  9. a. How Does a VA Claim Fit Within a Medicaid World - Chris McCarthy, CELA
    b. Federal Register 2015
  10. How Not to "Screw Up" a VA Claim - Angela Manz, Esq.
  11. How to Run a Successful Litigation Practice - Kimberley Murphy, Esq. & Jean Galloway Ball, CELA
  12. a. Interstate Transfer of Guardianship - James McConville, Esq.
    b. Virginia Code Regarding Transfer of Guardian/Conservator
    c. VA to AZ Pleading
    d. VA to IL Pleading
    e. VA to FL Pleading
  13. Involuntary Nursing Home Discharges - Kathy Pryor, Esq.
  14. Irrevocable Trusts: Non-judicial Settlements, Reformation & Termination Under the UTC - Paul Barnett, Esq.
  15. a. Real Estate for Fiduciaries - Ross Hart, Esq.
    b. 7th Judicial Circuit, Memorandum Order Local Rule 08-1
  16. Special Needs Trust Distribution - Ron Feinman, Esq. (material not available)
  17. Top Tips for Drafting & Administering Wills - Amy McCullough, Esq.
  18. VA Advanced Topics - Bart Barton, Esq.

  19. Human Resources - Tips for a Successful Partnership - Carolyn A. White, Esquire


NOTE: To download a single ZIP file that contains a copy of all the PDFs listed below, click here (approx 40MB).