VAELA 2014 Unprogram Documents

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General Event Files:

  1. Handout Introduction
  2. UnProgram Agenda
  3. Sponsors and Exhibitors List
  4. Continuing Legal Education Credit Information & Forms
  5. UnProgram Evaluation Form for Sunday, Feb. 23, 2014
  6. UnProgram Evaluation Form for Monday, Feb. 24, 2014
  7. Biosketches, Speakers and Facilitators
  8. Table of Contents, Sunday Presentation Handouts
  9. Table of Contents, Monday Presentation Handouts

Sunday Presentation Handouts:

  1. Assessing Decision-Making Capacity in Seniors (Presenter: Gary H. Oberlender, MD, FACP)
  2. Assuring Quality of Care in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities (Presenter: Joshua D. Silverman, Esq.)
  3. Ayers vs. Shaffer

Monday Presentation Handouts:

  1. An Un-Review: Involuntary Mental Health Treatment Powers for Advance Medical Directive Agents and Guardians (Facilitator: Shawn Majette, Esq.)
  2. Assorted Topics in Retirement Account Planning: What Every Practitioner Needs to Know (Facilitator: John Marold, JD)
  3. Beginner's Practical Tips for Probate and Administration of an Estate (Facilitator: Rhona Levine, Esq.)
  4. Best Practices Before Your Local Commissioner of Accounts (Facilitators: Kimberly Pinchbeck, Esq. and Ken Labowitz, Esq.)
  5. Collaborating with Care Managers in Complex Cases (Facilitators: Anne Heishman, Esq., Kate Caldwell, Vanessa Bishop, Joan Richardson, Megan Descutner)
  6. Communicating with Non-Clients (Facilitator: Loretta Morris Williams, CELA)
    Ethical Issues in Communicating with Non-Clients - Mary Helen McNeal & Kimberly E O'Leary
    Virginia Supplement
  7. Containing the Cost of Litigation (Facilitator: James McConville, Esq.)
    Christ v. Flinthill Space Communications Trust, et al
    Code of Virginia: 64.2-2003. Appointment of guardian ad litem.
  8. Dead Man's Statute and Other Shape Burden Shifters in Undue Influence and Breach of Fiduciary Duty Cases (Facilitator: Ron Feinman, Esq.)
  9. Drafting Tips for Smooth Special Needs Trust Administration - Elizabeth Gray, Esq.
  10. HECM Program: Recent Changes and Creative Uses -James Warns, Melanie Lee, Esq.
    Mortgage Letter 1
    Mortgage Letter 2
    Mortgage Letter 3
    HECM Principal Limit Factor Tables Effective September 30, 2013
    The HECM Program: A Discussion of Recent Changes and Creative Uses
    CRR – The Government's Redesigned Reverse Mortgage Program - Alicia H. Munnell and Steven A. Sass
  11. How to Draft and Administer a Special Needs Trust - Elizabeth Gray, Esq.
  12. Issues in Transition: Special Needs Planning - Ann Green, Esq.
    Life & Transition Planning for Special Needs
    Issues in Transition: What Happens When A Special Needs Child Turns 18 - Virginia CLE
  13. Medicaid Planning: What the New Elder Law Attorney Needs to Know - Elizabeth Bircher, Esq.
  14. Practice Management: What was your most successful idea in 2013? What idea was your biggest failure? - Andrew Hook, CELA
    MPF: Top Priorities for Law Firms IN 2014? Depends ... JD Supra Perspectives
  15. Promissory Notes and Other Medicaid Planning Strategies - Susan Jean, CELA, Sandra Smith, CELA
  16. Social Security Disability Essentials for the Elder Law Attorney; and Social Security for All: OASDI, SSDI, SSI and DOC - Sheri Abrams, Esq.
  17. The Dirt on Deeds - Ross Hart, Esq.
    Sample Deed
    Code of Virginia – Transfer on Death Deeds
    Virginia Underwriting Bulletin 2013-16 September 9, 2013 Transfer on Death Deeds - Fidelity National Title Group
    TOD Deeds in Virginia and other Dirt on Deeds
    Complex Deed
  18. The Three P's of Trust Protection - Buckley Fricker, JD
    The Three P's of Trust Protectors - Purposes, Powers, Potential Liability
    The Three P's of Trust Protection - Purpose? Powers? Potential Liability?
  19. Using Trusts in Medicaid & Veteran's Asset Protection Planning - Evan Farr, CELA
  20. Veterans Benefits for the New Elder Law Attorney- Christopher McCarthy, CELA
  21. Same Sex Estate Planning - Phoebe P. Hall
    Same Sex Estate and Elder Law Planning in Virginia After Windsor
    After DOMA: What it Means for You

NOTE: To download a single ZIP file that contains a copy of all the PDFs listed below, click here (approx 41MB).