VAELA 2012 Unprogram Documents

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  1. UnProgram Agenda
  2. Sponsors & Exhibitors List
  3. Handouts Introduction
  4. Speaker Bios
  5. Facilitator Bios
  6. Table of Contents, Friday Presentation Handouts
  7. Friday Presentation #1 (Chiplin)
  8. Friday Presentation #2 (Bircher)
  9. Challenging Notices of Discharge (3 documents)
    Challenging Notices of Discharge 1 (A Medicare Discussion)
    Challenging Notices of Discharge 2 (Nursing Home Involuntary Discharge)
    Challenging Notices of Discharge 3 (Case Studies and Examples)
  10. Compensation When Acting as Guardian
  11. Dealing w/ Commissioner of Accounts (2 documents)
    Dealing w/ Commissioner of Accounts 1 (Best Practices)
    Dealing w/ Commissioner of Accounts 2 (Ethical Issues)
  12. Geriatric Care Management (2 documents)
    Geriatric Care Management 1 (Geriatric Care Managers)
    Geriatric Care Management 2 (Professional Care Manager)
  13. Guardianship/Conservatorship for Beginners
  14. Hospital Sponsored Guardianships (2 documents)
    Hospital Sponsored Guardianships 1 (How to Respond)
    Hospital Sponsored Guardianships 2 (Case Studies and Examples)
  15. Intersection of Elder Law and Family Law (3 documents)
    Intersection of Elder Law and Family Law 1 (Divorce, Support and Medicaid)
    Intersection of Elder Law and Family Law 2 (Divorce, Support and Medicaid Addendum)
    Intersection of Elder Law and Family Law 3 (Divorce, Support and Medicaid Attachment)
  16. Life Care Planning
  17. Litigating Undue Influence/Capacity (2 documents)
    Litigating Undue Influence/Capacity (Summary)
    Litigating Undue Influence/Capacity (Parasidis V. Karageorge Ruling)
  18. Medicaid Planning for the New Elder Law Attorney
  19. Medicaid Planning Strategies
  20. Pooled Trusts (8 documents)
    Pooled Trusts 1 (Working with Pooled Special Needs Trusts)
    Pooled Trusts 2 (Appendices A-B)
    Pooled Trusts 3 (Appendix C - Part 1)
    Pooled Trusts 4 (Appendix C - Part 2)
    Pooled Trusts 5 (Appendix D)
    Pooled Trusts 6 (Appendix E - Part 1)
    Pooled Trusts 7 (Appendix E - Part 2)
    Pooled Trusts 8 (Appendix E - Part 3)
  21. Public Housing Options
  22. Reverse Mortgages (5 documents)
    Reverse Mortgages 1 (Outline)
    Reverse Mortgages 2 (Estate Planning in the Elder Law Context)
    Reverse Mortgages 3 (Role of Reverse Mortgages in Long Term Care)
    Reverse Mortgages 4 (Use Your Home to Stay at Home)
    Reverse Mortgages 5 (Medicaid Planning for Married Couples)
  23. Special Needs Trusts (2 documents)
    Special Needs Trusts 1 (Administering a Special Needs Trust)
    Special Needs Trusts 2 (Chapter from Elder Law in Virginia)
  24. Veterans Benefits