Mentoring Program

As a service to both VAELA and NAELA members and to the profession of elder law, VAELA is proud to offer a mentor program through NAELA. The NAELA Mentor Panel is designed to give guidance to VAELA members who have not had extensive experience in the handling of certain Elder Law matters, and to have access to experienced Elder Law attorneys who have volunteered to serve as mentors to those requesting guidance.

The panel format of mentors provides for more than one mentor in a particular field of practice to offer assistance. NAELA will compile a list of mentors, based upon the substantive areas of practice for which they offer their services, as noted below. VAELA members who wish to receive the guidance of a mentor may call/email a mentor from the published list.

Please use the following form to join the mentoring program.

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The nature of Elder Law practice makes it imperative that an attorney understand and analyze the implications and applications of local law and practice before advising clients. Statements of fact and opinion are the responsibility of the mentee/mentor and do not imply an opinion or endorsement on the part of NAELA or VAELA or the officers or directors of NAELA or VAELA. Opinions and counsel from a mentor should not be used as a substitute for the opinion and judgment of the mentee. NAELA and VAELA disclaim responsibility for the acts and omissions of mentors, and by participating in this program mentees agree to hold NAELA and VAELA harmless for the same.